Clare Dowling


Where did the summer go?  Um, probably in that missed deadline which, you’ll be glad to know, was finally met on the 1st of July, when I proudly handed in the manuscript of the next book.  It’s called ‘Special Delivery’ and I’ll say no more, except that it’s about a family which could be living next door to you, and who have the usual complement of dark secrets and dirty linen, which is all about to be aired spectacularly.  I had a GREAT time writing it, and I’m not just saying that.  It’s very much a gritty Dublin family drama, with lots of blow-ups, mysteries, unrequited love, and few lads smouldering in the background. I loved my characters and was sad leaving them.  But it won’t be for long, because the copyedit buy aciclovir will be landing back on my desk at any minute and no doubt I’ll be wishing I’d had a bit longer away from them.

On other fronts, the paperback of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ is out on the 7th of November in Ireland and the UK.  It’s got great reviews, and readers seemed to have liked it a lot.  It’s got a bit of a dark edge, and a good dollop of suspense, which is a departure for me.  Other than that, I’m delighted to be back writing at Fair City – we’ve had a lot of great drama on screen recently – and am NOT counting the shopping days till Christmas, even though I got my first marketing email during the week saying I should be.  Thanks for reading! x

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