Clare Dowling


The year has flown by and suddenly it’s publication time again – the paperback of A Special Delivery is just out in time for Christmas. I’m really excited about this book, which has got a great reception so far, and some lovely reviews. It’s a bit of a departure for me into grittier drama, but still with plenty of laughs. The story involves the Brady family of Dublin, who, like a lot of families, have had their fair share of problems, misunderstandings, and growing buy allegra pains as the children of the house have become adults, leaving parents Aisling and Mossy to negotiate what it means now to be a parent. They’re about to find out all over again as a baby boy is abandoned in the nativity scene in their front garden on Christmas Eve, and it all takes off from there. I had such great fun writing this book, with characters I grew to love. It’s been hard letting them go and moving onto the next book!

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