Clare Dowling


Clare is a novelist and screenwriter living in Dublin. She’s written ten bestsellers, including Going It Alone, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and her latest novel, A Special Delivery, went straight into the Irish bestsellers list. Her books are warm, funny and deal with the big and the small aspects of people’s lives.

She started out as an actress, performing in many major theatres in Dublin. Frustrated by the lack of good roles for young women, she co-founded women’s theatre company Glasshouse Productions in the early nineties with three friends, and began buy 30 cell 50 antibiotics writing plays. Her first play, Burns Both Ends, was about two young working class women who decide to go against society and family expectation of them and open their own business.

She wrote six stage plays which were produced in Dublin before going on to have two award-winning short films produced. She’s written short stories, children’s fiction, monologues for teens, and articles for newspapers and magazines.

Along with writing novels, she is also a television scriptwriter. She’s currently working on a new novel and a children’s book.

She lives in Dublin with her family.