Clare Dowling


A Special Delivery

A Special Delivery was published on the 13th of February and went buy aciphex 20mg straight into the Irish charts, which is great as I absolutely loved the Brady bunch in this book and am delighted that other people seem to too. (Spoiler alert!! The Brady bunch are a family riddled with secrets which are about to come out in the wash when a bouncing baby arrives unexpectedly on their doorstep two days before Christmas). It’s got some great reviews, and I’ve been doing lots of publicity and telly-type things for it. All in all, a lovely start to 2014!




Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was released in the UK and Ireland on the 7th of November and went straight into the Irish charts at number 6. It continues to get great reviews and feedback, so November, normally cold and a bit drizzly and, let’s face it, not all that great, has turned out to be a very, very nice month.




Children’s Book!

I’ve just started writing a children’s book, egged on by my eleven-year-old daughter, and it’s about four girls with more than they might want in common. More on that later, but for now I’m having a great time with it and I have expert editorial help on hand at all times and I don’t even have to pay her.