Clare Dowling


When Ollie unexpectedly walks out on Hannah and their daughter Cleo, Hannah’s life goes belly-up. Who better to turn to than best friends Ellen and Barbara, in the hope of fixing her broken heart?

The reunion takes place at Ellen and husband Mark’s farmhouse in France, where the organic carrots look like misshapen missiles, and the draft would cut the legs off you. Nursed along by Barbara’s no-nonsense advice and Ellen’s dodgy crêpes, Hannah is surprised to find crestor cheap price that her fighting spirit is coming back.

Then something shocking happens that threatens to blow the bonds of friendship apart. Should Hannah come clean, or will she just bring more trouble upon herself? And if she’s so cut up about Ollie, why is she covertly eyeing up grumpy house-guest Nick when no one’s looking?


Join Hannah on her rocky road to recovery, from love to despair and back again.